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This website is a good download site, besides being used to download games, you will also be able to download cracked apps. You can also search for software in a wide range of categories such as email, office suite, etc. An interesting feature is that you are required to click on a button that says “Try Now” to start downloading a software.

When you download a game from the website it will appear in your browser as a temporary link, and you can try the game or install it. Here you can search for the games that you want to download or even manage your software. Here you can update the app and sometimes use the app without having to reinstall.

The website is responsible for only 2-3 games of its category, and that is common. It is a worthy website to download games. You can search and download games by category, name, download size, high and low, auto download, etc. A very large range of games.

This website has a wide range of software, you can search it by category, app name, or type. You can even download from this website in auto mode using the Install button. You can go to the homepage, find the desired game and click on download button to download and install the game. You don’t have to activate the website’s ad while downloading a game.