Steps to install Windows 10 on your PC. Download the installation disk for Windows 10 from the Microsoft website. The installation disk must be compatible with your PC. If you have a 64-bit PC, download the 64-bit Windows 10 installation disk. If you have a 32-bit PC, download the 32-bit Windows 10 installation disk. Run the appropriate installation disk to install Windows 10 on your computer. Before you start the installation, make sure your PC meets the device hardware requirements for Windows 11. Back up your data, and make sure you know where your saved files are located. Once youre finished installing Windows 10, restart your PC, and check for updates. Read the manual and understand what youre doing before continuing. Before you begin, check to make sure your PC meets the Windows 11 device specifications for upgraded requirements and supported features. Certain features require additional hardware. We also recommend that you visit your PCs manufacturers website for information about updated drivers and hardware compatibility. Note: Windows 11 Installation Assistant doesnt run on ARM-based PCs. Its only supported for PCs using x64 processors. If you need installation media to install Windows 11 on a different PC, see Create Windows 11 Installation Media. /*If you want to install Windows 11 on the device youre currently using, this is the best option. click Install now.

1. MyAnts. To get started, click the blue Download One button. Then choose the game and click the green Play button. All that is left to do is to let the game install all of its contents, including the cracked version of the game. After that, youll be able to play the cracked version of the game.