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Should you be in the mood to get a challenge, you can choose from over five difficulties in Casual mode, and six difficulties in Arcade mode. Aside from timing the firing rate, you can change the gun as well as your fire modes. The settings are saved to your profile, which means that you are ready for easy play when you are not on line. It has a user interface that will not drive you crazy with a bunch of things to look at.
In addition, the game offers you a high score scoreboard and prizes for each level you complete. Apart from that, ARES II has game modes to suit virtually everyone. You can choose from a variety of 25 normal maps, 25 widescreen-mode maps, 14 challenging maps or all of these maps at once, as well as the 25 standard sound tracks.
Unlike other sites, having a kiddie rating makes no difference. Let your children take the challenge to see what they can do. The game rewards your efforts by offering real-time, live scores. You can also compete against other players all over the globe.