That’s what happened to Spencer Teagarden, who worked for a technology vendor and was fired for “careless downloading” of a program that was cracked, but wasn’t in violation of his employer’s policies.

However, he didn’t know there was anything wrong with downloading the cracked software, and it took more than three years before he found out he had been fired for something his employer had known all along. Even after he was fired, he had to continue downloading cracked software because if he didn’t, he would have been charged with felony computer crimes and could have faced years in prison.

The truth is that illegal software and copyrighted material are like the sun and the moon. There will always be a cycle of time that the piracy of both software and media will increase and decrease.

And, while your so-called “freedom” is just a thin veneer of legalities, the latest wave of content companies are working on ways to legal access online. That means if you download a pirated version of any movie or video game today, it will likely be there tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow as well. Even downloaded music might be available, which could mean losing your favorite music collection in a maelstrom of cookie cut-outs.

Such content then must be protected by copyright laws, which are designed to allow people to make a living from creating such content. So when a content provider successfully protects their content, they have every right to take action against any person who tries to illegally download that content.

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