There are many websites out there which are claiming to be a replacement of cracked files, but they have nothing to do with the file originator because they are just online versions of the file. All of these websites exist only to fool users and get them to spend money. In our list of top sites to download cracked apk files you will find a list of websites which can be trusted. As usual we have categorized these websites by categories so that you can find one which suits your liking.

Ponio is a cloud storage provider. It gives end users the ability to save unlimited number of files on its secure servers. Every file on the service is encrypted using robust 256-bit AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) encryption. Ponio also offers a web-based customer portal, so you can browse and download your files from anywhere.

Here comes an awesome torrent download website for iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows and Mac users. The Torrent is a site that allows users to download torrent files directly from the website with ease, whether it’s a movie, game or music. The best thing about Torrent is that, you don’t need to install any torrent client to download torrents. You only need to install a browser, surf to the Torrent site, find a torrent you want, and start the download.

Need to download an application for your smartphone or tablet? Download Android. AndroApp is the same as Android, but offers special apps for Andro devices, such as iPhone, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone.

Want to get something illegally? We have compiled a list of best torrent websites where you can download cracked software. The sites listed here are among the best known torrent websites on the web. They are all highly reputed and their quality torrents are widely downloaded by millions of users worldwide. These sites are updated regularly to ensure that the quality of their torrents are up to the mark.