The Pirate Bay is a website that provides torrents of a large range of software, music and video. The Pirate Bay was founded by Fredrik Neij, Peter Sunde and Carl Lundström in 2003. The website keeps over 9 million torrents on over 33000 domains, and is designed in a way that people can access all the content without paying a cent. As of 2016, The Pirate Bay is currently ranked as the 2nd most used torrent index in the world, with a download traffic of over 5.3 million people every day.

Mininova is a website that allows people to upload, search, download and download torrents of software, games, torrent sites, torrents and movies. It offers the ability to search and download torrents using multiple search parameters like downloading speed, uploaded size, file size, posted time, seeds/leechs, category, quality, and more. Mininova consists of three content types, Software, Movies and Music. When you choose a torrent from a search results page, it will give you a complete description of the file and direct you to other torrent sites to download it.

Uptobox is an automatic premium content distributor site where content creators and publishers can use their unused bandwidth for others to download and share content for free. They offer a standard subscription service in 30 and 60 day plans with no fees. Content gets shared instantly without the need to first make a download link.

TorLock is a service that provides a layer of encryption over torrent websites, giving information security by making it difficult to know what links are pointing to your IP address. It basically splits the URL portion of the torrent into multiple smaller pieces then encrypts them, and then your IP address and the other parts of the url are added on and stored. The process is repeated for each and every piece of the torrent, as it spreads like a virus.