The Pirate Bay (also known as TPB and The Pirate Bay in Swedish) is one of the largest online torrent trackers in the world. This great website is the best place to download movie and music files, games, e-books, and much more. All files are legitimate and are all released under free licenses, so you can share them, but make sure you take down all the metadata so that they dont get recorded by copyright holders

Over the years, torrent and download sites have become a hugely popular resource of software. Today, these sites cater to a range of software. Though it can be a jungle of a place, you can find that one nice item to put in your computer. Finding the right one is half the battle.

Yes Tube is just like the above sites, and a huge marketing tool for the movie studios, but unlike them it does not have a lot of movies either. However, it does have lots of movies by the same studio. So you can just use that to your advantage. Though it doesn’t have a lot of movies, it does have quite a lot of TV Shows. So choose wisely.

If you want to hide your IP address, then you may want to use a service to keep your true IP address hidden. But those services are very expensive, so you will find several sites that claim to have a free version for such services. One of these sites is called Easysurf. It provides a software that you can run on your computer, so you can surf the web using your IP address, instead of your real IP address.

Cyberlocker is a marketplace for cyberlockers. These are places that you can upload or download copyrighted material to them. The best part about them is that you dont even have to get to cyberlockers website. You can visit the site and upload whatever you want. From there, they will create torrent files for you, and you simply download them by clicking on a link provided by the site.