All the above sites have various rules. If youre using a torrent website, it will likely have an FAQ or some form of terms of service. These mostly cover things like, banning you for torrenting or the other way around. If youre not sure, check the FAQ page to see what they do and dont allow. Torrent sites that dont allow seeding or uploading will usually say what they do and dont allow, so make sure to check that as well. Some sites also have an automatic risk check that they run. If that doesnt appeal to you, you can also check your download queue to see if someone else has already uploaded your game and see if its safe to download from them.

Of course, not all torrent sites can be trusted, and its your responsibility to make sure youre downloading the right files. Once you do, youll download something in a matter of minutes. After that, its just a matter of clicking those little download buttons. If you are wondering if the game works or not, make sure to check if its the main version so that you dont end up with a broken game. Also make sure you restart your device once youre done downloading. Most of all, your gun isnt really a gun until you shoot it right.

Which is the best site to download cracked and full version. And is one of the primary reasons why some of us choose to torrent games over other files. When youre torrenting a game, youre basically ensuring that anyone else that gets the game, can also have it, and it wont affect your personal downloads.

While this service isnt on the top, its most recommended site as well. Why? We decided to pick it from the bottom because it has a very no-frills approach to game torrenting. Its an independent service where you can connect, search, and download one file at a time, so basically every download is its own transaction. As a result, the files are faster to download, and they also have improved anti-banning and privacy features.