Yandex.Tutor is an excellent website that features a database of 1,000,000 educational videos available for download and watch for free. The website is very easy to navigate and offers a useful “search” feature to find the video that you want. The “My favorite” feature includes the capability of storing all the videos that you like. A personal list of favorite videos will be created in your profile, making the website a great option to learn from the website.

The interface of the website is very simple, you can search or browse the torrents for a particular software that you might want to download. You can choose the torrent file type with a select box and click download to begin with the download.

Even for starters, I am going to talk about the settings of the torrents first. You might not need any, it really is entirely up to you. But if you wanna do some extra downloading from the site, it could be a bit easier to navigate the torrents. You get a nice little menu if you click on the stars above the torrents to show you the different categories. You can search the different categories for the torrents and go to their details page to get an overview of the torrents. You can then see the size of the torrent, the user who uploaded it and more. The icons on the top right corner are you torrents that are not just downloading but also other information such as seed, uploading and queued.

The search box will provide a list of the searched torrents to the left and you can see the newest torrents at the top. You can click on the download icon to open the torrent downloader, however as this is a site that is mostly about torrents, it is best left to be displayed on some other website.