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Is there any way i can go into windows registry and change it there. it is a virtual machine so im not on my regular computer.i tried alot of programs and nothing works. I have no idea how to get to the regifery program.

I don’t know the first thing about using regitry. however, If you go to Start – Run – regedit you should see the utility window up.

If that does not work, a one-time password generator is always a good thing to have.

If i put the usb into another laptop and then reboot, it will say “Cannot find a network driver”. What is the program that is linked to it? It is called “Easy Connect” and the guy is dead.I tried downloading the driver and nothing happens.

It is not work your USB connection. Have you opened the Easy connection?

You have to start the program, click on USB and then, driver should be there, then you click on the attach USB and you end the program.

1.Click on start and select option for easy connection.2.Click USB to connect.3.Click attach USB on easy connection.4.Done.

This will start the driver and the USB will be connected automatically. If not, you have to do above.You can also use drivers (windows xp) which you download from the microsoft site. They are free.

If you have a problem with activation code or activation key.

Try this This will generate a working code. Paste it into the activation box in your game.

The activation code is working fine. If its not working, try this:

Hi there, do you need a serial key for the umich.edu mail address?

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